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We are making an effort to preserve the old Gujarati stories that our grandma and grandpa used to tell us so that the younger generation can continue to experience and appreciate our rich cultural heritage.

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પિકનિક - Narration by Devanshi Joshi
December 06, 2023x
00:04:163.91 MB

પિકનિક - Narration by Devanshi Joshi

Picnic-Story A story about kids on a picnic finding a coat hanging on a tree. They debate whether to hide it or....... Explore further. Hear what happens next in PICNIC.

ગાય કોની ?
September 26, 2023x
00:03:373.32 MB

ગાય કોની ?

ગાય કોની ?

બિચારું ભોળું ઊંટ
September 25, 2023x
00:08:538.14 MB

બિચારું ભોળું ઊંટ

બિચારું ભોળું ઊંટ

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