Once upon a time, in the magnificent kingdom of Akbar and Birbal, there lived a wise and witty courtier named Birbal. He was known throughout the kingdom for his cleverness and ability to solve even the trickiest of riddles.

One sunny morning, Emperor Akbar summoned Birbal to the royal court. "Birbal, I have heard of a magical parrot that can answer any question asked of it," said Emperor Akbar, his eyes gleaming with curiosity. "I want you to find this parrot and bring it to the palace. I must see its extraordinary abilities for myself."

Birbal bowed to the emperor and set off on a quest to find the legendary parrot. After days of searching, he finally discovered a small village where the parrot was said to reside.

As Birbal entered the village, he heard rumors about an old woman named Meera who possessed the magical parrot. Without wasting any time, Birbal went straight to Meera's humble cottage and greeted her with a warm smile.

"Dear Meera," Birbal said, "I have heard of your extraordinary parrot that possesses the power to answer any question. May I have the honor of meeting this remarkable creature?"

Meera nodded, a twinkle in her eyes. "Indeed, Birbal. Follow me."

Birbal entered a cozy room where the parrot was perched on a golden stand. Its feathers shone in a rainbow of colors, and its beady eyes sparkled with wisdom.

"Great parrot," Birbal began, "Emperor Akbar wishes to witness your extraordinary abilities. He desires to ask you a question."

The parrot blinked its eyes and replied, "I shall answer any question the emperor presents, but only if he asks me in the presence of all his courtiers."

Birbal thanked the parrot and returned to the palace, informing Emperor Akbar of the parrot's condition. Emperor Akbar agreed to the parrot's request and summoned all the courtiers to witness the grand event.

On the chosen day, the courtiers gathered in the palace hall, eagerly waiting to witness the magical parrot in action. Emperor Akbar stood before the parrot and asked, "Oh wise parrot, tell me, what is the greatest treasure in the world?"

The parrot, with its piercing gaze, looked directly at Emperor Akbar and answered, "The greatest treasure in the world, O Emperor, is a true friend who stands by your side through thick and thin."

Emperor Akbar was amazed by the parrot's response. He realized the wisdom in its words and acknowledged that true friendship was indeed invaluable.

The courtiers applauded, and Emperor Akbar turned to Birbal, a smile playing on his lips. "Birbal, you have once again proven your wisdom. The parrot's answer is remarkable and holds great truth."

Birbal bowed humbly. "Thank you, Your Majesty. True wisdom lies not only in finding the answers but also in appreciating the lessons they teach."

From that day forward, the parrot became a cherished member of the royal court, sharing its wisdom and bringing joy to all who sought its advice. And Birbal, with his quick thinking and cleverness, continued to be Emperor Akbar's most trusted and beloved courtier. 

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